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Benjamin's robotics VESC Project, a powerful BLDC controller. The VESC has several extra ports and much extra computational power, so it can be used to run custom user code in addition to controlling a motor. This is convenient when there are space constraints and it is also the best way to implement real-time control applications where timing is critical.
Renegade Labs, Inc. M3G SDI Multichannel Audio Monitoring System. Quickly monitor embedded audio from any ancillary audio group present in a SMPTE SD/HD/3G SDI video stream. Up to eight channels of audio from any two groups may be monitored efficiently using the front panel, or add up to 16 channels to the monitor mix from four groups simultaneously using the remote GUI and automation API. The small and affordably-priced M3G SDI Monitoring System is a perfect fit for OB trucks, telecine rooms, and edit or QC bays–any place where quality shouldn't come second to size or cost.
HEBI Robotics xseries.jpg X-Series Actuator. This series of powerful robot module allow engineers, researchers, and industrial integrators to quickly and easily create world-class custom robots of any configuration. These actuators are packed with sensors that enable controllable position, velocity, and sensitive torque control as well as three axis inertial measurement.
HEBI Robotics sseries.jpg S-Series Actuator. The S-Series module features a standard two inch diameter circular interface, and is designed to be assembled without tools into robots of various configurations.
Erogenous Tones GateStorm, a collaborative module from Erogenous Tones and Steady State Fate, is designed to be an advanced Gate Generator with a highly flexible CV system with as much depth as you are willing to go. GateStorm was designed to be fun, intuitive, and more importantly, powerful.
Movidius Machine Vision.
Talos Embedded PLC.
Apex Comtel Technologies GPRS-based Remote Data Communicator.
FlyRails Micro Monorails for Urban Commutes.
Messtechnik EHEIM GmbH Pressure calibrator.
GEPA mbH Industrial multi-protocol long-term datalogger with online and warning capabilities and web-based interface.
The Mouse Works, LLC Hobby products for Radio Control Models.
Oktyabr Household electronics.
Elitronic s.r.o. Customer products.
Ing. Giovanni Casano Localization system, GPS/Glonass based, with advanced function: TCP transmission, SMS and modem in GSM.
LRG ltd Web Server with serial connect.
Teddington Electronics ltd Ambulance Cleaning System.
Energysquare Energysquare is a unique technology that can charge any device placed on any flat surface. It can be installed wherever you are and allows you to forget that you are currently charging. It's powerstrip's future.
IDEAFLY ESC For Quad and Gimbal.
Magnon Electro sleep device.
GMMD Pty Ltd Engineering services.
JWIS Camera lens control.

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ChibiOS 19.1.2 stable

ChibiOS 19.1.2 “Minori” has been released.

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ChibiOS project migrated to OSDN..

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ChibiOS 18.2.2 stable

ChibiOS 18.2.2 “Furore” has been released.

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ChibiStudio Preview 20

ChibiStudio preview 20 has been released.

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ChibiOS/RT The Book

The Ultimate Guide preview, the book is freely available online. Everything about the RT kernel described in great detail.

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