The ChibiOS project includes several independent products.

  • RT, the fastest RTOS solution for embedded realtime systems.
  • NIL, the smallest RTOS solution for embedded realtime systems.
  • OSLIB, a package of advanced features that can be used on top of both RT and NIL.
  • SB, an RT extension exclusive to Cortex-M4 and M7 cores. ChibiOS/SB is able to create isolated partitions in the application code called sandboxes.
  • HAL, a package containing a set of abstract device drivers allowing effective application portability across different architectures.
  • EX, device drivers for a lot of board-level external devices such as MEMS etc.
  • ChibiStudio, a free development environment based on Eclipse, GNU compilers, OpenOCD debugger and all the ChibiOS components and demos. Everything is included into an easy-to-use package, just unzip and go, no installation required.