ChibiStudio is a free ARM development environment based on Open Source tools and components. It has been created in order to support the development of ChibiOS itself and is now available as a free download.

Download Latest ChibiStudio

To get the latest version of ChibiStudio visit Sourceforge or click these direct links:

How to setup

Everything is required to start working with ChibiOS is encapsulated in a single download. It takes just two minutes to have your development board working with ChibiOS.

The workspace is preloaded with all demo applications, just compile, upload code, and run.

Setup under Windows

Once you have the zip file downloaded follow these steps to install the toolchain correctly:

  1. Open the downloaded package with 7zip ( download it for free from
  2. Select the folder ChibiStudio
  3. Click on Extract
  4. Choose C:\ as the destination
  5. Press ok
  6. Check that ChibiStudio is located at C:\ChibiStudio otherwise, the toolchain will not work

once extracted copy the link C:\Chibi Studio GCC x.x onto the desktop and double-click on this link to launch the toolchain.

For a more detail guide visit How to setup ChibiStudio on PLAY Embedded.