ChibiOS/RT supports a variety of licensing options, if you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Licensing Options

Multiple licensing options exist for ChibiOS/RT portable Kernel, Ports and HAL:

  • Pure GPL3 license.
  • GPL3 license with Linking Exception.
  • Commercial license.

Note that demos, test code and low level device drivers are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license starting from version 2.6.0.

GPL License Option

Unstable (alpha, beta, development) ChibiOS/RT releases are licensed exclusively under a pure GPL3 license. Unstable releases are only meant for development and evaluation. Please refer to the GPL3 license text for more info about this option.

GPL License with Linking Exception

Stable ChibiOS/RT releases (marked as stable, the second version number must be even, 1.2.x for example) are licensed under the GPL3 license modified with a linking exception in order to make ChibiOS/RT usable in closed source applications under certain conditions. Please refer to the GPL3 license text and to the ChibiOS/RT exception text for more info about this option.

Commercial License Option

Several commercial licensing options are available for ChibiOS/RT.

Comparison Matrix

The following matrix describes what you can or can't do under the various licensing schemes:

Question Pure GPL3 GPL3 with Exception Commercial
Is ChibiOS/RT free? yes yes no
Can I use ChibiOS/RT in my closed source embedded product? no yes1 yes
Do I have to release my source code? yes no1 no
Do I have to open source my changes to ChibiOS/RT? yes yes1 no
Do I have to document that my product uses ChibiOS/RT? yes yes no
Do I have to offer the ChibiOS/RT code to users of my product? yes yes no
Is public support available? yes2 yes2 yes2
Is professional technical support available? yes3 yes3 yes4
Is a warranty provided? no no yes
  1. Yes under the conditions specified into the GPL Exception Text.
  2. Yes, “best effort” support through the public forums.
  3. It is possible to have commercial technical support on request.
  4. Several support schemes are available depending on the chosen commercial licensing option.
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