Request a Free License

Before requesting a Free Commercial License please take note of the requirements in order to be eligible:

  • Your registration data can be used for ChibiOS advertisement.
  • You are required to mention the use of ChibiOS on your product page at the URL you will indicate in the registration form.
  • The license allows ChibiOS deployment on up to 500 cores and a single product. A new registration is required if this limit is surpassed or for more products.
  • Licenses are only granted in association with an actual commercial product.
  • Evaluation, study, learning, curiosity do not qualify, use the open source version instead.

By completing this registration you will accept the above points.

Registrations with incomplete, inadequate, incoherent, unrelated or false data will be rejected at our discretion without notice.

Contact Information
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About Your Product

This text could be used by us in order to advertise *your* product, a good description is an advantage for you.

This is the URL of YOUR product page, in this page you are supposed to mention ChibiOS and link back to The license is not granted if this link is missing or invalid or not leading to a product page.

About ChibiOS

Please specify which products/platform are you interested in.

Final Confirmation

After submitting the registration your data will be reviewed and then you will receive a download link and confirmation by email usually within 48 hours. Please make sure that ALL fields have been correctly filled before submitting. Applications rejected because invalid or missing fields receive no answer.