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There are various options, please find the most appropriate for you.

GPL Version

The GPL version can be used also for product evaluation before requesting a commercial license, the code base is exactly the same.

Downloads are available from our SourceForge Files page.

Download from SourceForge

Free Commercial Version

Obtaining the Free Commercial version requires registration. The registration data is only used for ChibiOS advertising on our web site.

The Free Commercial Version is not for evaluation, please request it only if you are going to deploy it into an actual product. All fields in the form are mandatory and must be correct.

Proceed with registration.

Full Commercial Version

Commercial documentation is available here. The online form for an official quote is here.

ChibiStudio Preview 20

ChibiStudio preview 20 has been released.

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ChibiOS 18.2.1 stable

ChibiOS 18.2.1 “Ravello” has been released.

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New Migration or Update guide

Visit our new migration or update guide.

ChibiOS 17.6.4 stable

ChibiOS 17.6.4 “Quartetto” has been released.

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New partners page

Visit our new partners page.

ChibiOS to fly even higher.

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ChibiOS/RT The Book

The Ultimate Guide preview, the book is freely available online. Everything about the RT kernel described in great detail.

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