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Articles are the best way to explore the ChibiOS project. Explore the introductory articles by PLAY Embedded and get into the details with our technical articles.

Getting Started

A comprehensive collection of articles designed by PLAY Embedded to guide you through the initial steps of setting up and working with ChibiOS. Learn how to install and configure ChibiStudio, create your first ChibiOS project, and familiarize yourself with the basics of interacting with various peripherals. Whether you’re new to embedded systems or an experienced developer, our Getting Started section provides the essential resources to kickstart your journey with ChibiOS.

The following articles are still providing a good reference but are in the process of being rewritten:

Examples and Exercises

Dive into the Examples and Exercises category to enhance your ChibiOS skills through hands-on learning. This section features a variety of practical examples, exercises, and tutorials that demonstrate how to apply ChibiOS concepts and techniques to real-world scenarios.



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