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 ====== ChibiOS/RT Integration Guide ====== ====== ChibiOS/RT Integration Guide ======
-All the delivered ​ChibiOS/​RT ​demos are stand alone applications so if you just start your application ​from an existing demo there isn't any integration effort, you are simply using the existing makefiles, ​the default ​startup files etc, minimal effort.\\ +This guide describes what is needed in order to integrate ​ChibiOS/​RT ​or ChibiOS/NIL in a build environment different ​from the default ​one provided ​in ChibiOS distribution.
-The matter is very different if you are going to integrate the OS into a different runtime framework or if you want to use a different build system, ​in that case you have the problem to integrate the OS source code into your application.+
 === What this guide does not cover === === What this guide does not cover ===