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 ====== ChibiOS/RT Integration Guide ====== ====== ChibiOS/RT Integration Guide ======
-All the delivered ​ChibiOS/​RT ​demos are stand alone applications so if you just start your application ​from an existing demo there isn't any integration effort, you are simply using the existing makefiles, ​the default ​startup files etc, minimal effort.\\ +This guide describes what is needed in order to integrate ​ChibiOS/​RT ​or ChibiOS/NIL in a build environment different ​from the default ​one provided ​in ChibiOS distribution.
-The matter is very different if you are going to integrate the OS into a different runtime framework or if you want to use a different build system, ​in that case you have the problem to integrate the OS source code into your application.+
 === What this guide does not cover === === What this guide does not cover ===
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 Do not use the file directly, copy it in your project and edit the copy. Do not use the file directly, copy it in your project and edit the copy.
 +=== Notes ===
 +If in doubt remember that the provided makefiles are the ultimate guide for the integrator, all required the paths and options are necessarily present there. It is a good idea to look at the ''​Makefile''​ present in all demos if some detail is not clear. By compiling the demo all compiler options are printed on the console, that should remove any doubt about the required paths, files and options.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​