ChibiOS Homepage

Welcome to the ChibiOS project page. ChibiOS is a complete development environment for embedded applications. Our platform includes an RTOS, HAL, peripheral drivers, support files, and tools, all designed to make your development process seamless and efficient.

ChibiOS also integrates external Open Source components in order to offer a complete solution for embedded devices.

The ChibiOS components are available under Open Source licenses, GPL3 or Apache 2.0, there are also several commercial licensing options.

Getting started

ChibiOS is the perfect choice for your embedded development needs, and we want to help you get started quickly and easily. The best way to begin is by installing ChibiStudio, our ready-to-use IDE, and experimenting with it. You can do so by following this guide.

If you are looking for technical resources you can find the official documentation here and our collection of technical articles here.

For a more step-by-step approach, we recommend visiting PLAY Embedded, a website that offers free tutorials with guides and exercises. This is a great resource for users who are new to embedded development or who want to learn more about ChibiOS.

And for experienced users who need additional support, our community forum is the place to go. Here you can get help from other users and experts, share your experiences, and get answers to your questions.

Support our Project

If you like ChibiOS, please, consider supporting our project with a small donation.

Latest Releases

On 02-12-2023 ChibiStudio for Linux and a full Linux VM have been released. More info here downloads here.

On 12-29-2022 ChibiOS 21.11.3 “Montepertuso” has been released. More info here downloads here.

On 10-31-2021 ChibiOS 20.3.4 “Conca” has been released. More info here, downloads here.